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POTATO | Recruit Sales Partners

1. Company profile

POTATO is a sub-brand of Reshine, specializing in the production of maternal and child products in zhejiang, China. POTATO is a r & d + manufacturing + sales engineering e-commerce company.Now it has more than 500 kinds of maternal and child products, which can meet the needs of mothers at different stages and babies of different ages.

2.Our products

3. Product introduction

Baby bottles, baby tableware, daily care products, textile products, electrical products.

Our strengths

POTATO is a factory enterprise with a lot of creativity and can make more products that mothers and babies love.POTATO started as a B2B business and has a lot of experience recruiting partners that can help both online and offline agencies make quick profits.

4. Recruitment plan

United States: 6;United Kingdom: 3;Germany: 3;Japan: 2.

Minimum order quantity: bottle ≥2000, textile ≥500, daily articles ≥200, electrical appliances ≥200

1. Agency advantage: in order to quickly open up the international market, we will provide a lot of help to agents.

1.The higher the minimum order quantity, the lower the price;
2.No deposit required;
3.There are rewards for achieving your goals;
4.Provide samples;
5.Google+Facebook AD support;
6.Provide comprehensive product training materials;
7.Regional agent protection;
8.Products of various types and forms;
9.Invite to product development and optimization meetings.

2. Conditions of agency: to be an agent, you need to meet the following conditions:

1. Willing to cooperate for a long time;
2. Know the local maternal and child market;
3. Give priority to customers with offline physical stores;
4. Promise not to sell across regions;
5. Don't disturb the market.

5. Contact information

Sales email : sales@potatobb.com
Telephone : +86 13027607257
Address : No.59 Chanyang East Road, Fotang Town, Yiwu City Zhejiang Province, China

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