Potato Feeding Bottle Review | Let's take a look at this bottle.

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Potato is a factory in China that sells Potato on Amazon and eBay.
The main markets are the US and Europe.
In Asia, they already have a lot of loyal users, and they are Top3 in China.
Let's take a look at the quality of their bottles.
Today we're testing their best seller, a glass bottle.

Personally, I like this lovely bottle very much. It looks like a bear and the color is great!I'm sure you like it as much as I do!

It has two movable handles, which is a great design. My daughter is one year old and she can hold a bottle by herself.

This is my first time to use a straw bottle. I always thought that straws are difficult to clean, but the corresponding cleaning kit sold by Potato can solve everything!
My daughter likes to sit and drink milk. She cries every time she lies down.
Straws help her see the world while drinking milk.

Glass is a very safe material. It has a very stable structure. We can choose at ease. The bottle cap and handle are made of PP. The straws and pacifiers are made of edible silicone.

The most important point! The top of the straw has a gravity ball, which I have seen for the first time. No matter what the Angle, the gravity ball will help the baby to drink the milk in the bottle easily.

I highly recommend this bottle. This is my fifth order!

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