Baby's health

Baby's health

How to determine your baby's health?

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Whether the baby is healthy or not is the most concerned thing for parents.Only when the baby is healthy can he grow and learn normally and achieve a bright future.As a result, many parents consult a nutritionist about their baby's health.So, how do you determine your baby's health?

1. Diet.Diet is the source of life, good or bad diet, and the health of the baby has a direct relationship.Many parents report that babies eat well but develop slowly, mainly because of a single diet.Therefore, the baby's diet recommendations to diversify, ensure balanced nutrition, meat and milk, vegetables, fruit and other to ensure the daily intake, meet the nutritional needs of the baby a day, the baby eat well, eat sweet will develop normally.

2. Height and weight.The baby's height and weight development is normal, is a direct measure of health problems.When the baby is growing fast, the weight and height should increase a part every year. The growth of healthy baby will also be within the standard range.Conversely, if the baby's height and weight appear slow or stagnant, parents should pay attention to, the baby's health may have some problems.

3. Stool condition.The human body digests excrement.Healthy defecate, reflect is the condition of darling intestines and stomach health.General baby's stool, is golden yellow, independent molding, no sticky, no particles.If the stool appears fishy odor, loose, foam, pus, and so on, must be alert to the health of the baby.

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