How to choose the auxiliary tableware of darling food?

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Choosing appropriate and safe tableware for your baby is not a trivial matter. It is related to your baby's health.After adding auxiliary food will start to use tableware, bao dad know how to choose assured tableware products?These a few matters needing attention about choose and buy darling tableware must remember!

1, the choice of baby tableware material, should stand up to the fall and knock against, not easy to aging, not easy to wear up the edge of the burr, otherwise it may be in the process of using the baby injured.For example, the baby tableware made of high-quality plastic or stainless steel is light, beautiful and not easy to break.And the tableware of vitreous, pottery and porcelain already heavy fragile, do not want to give baby as far as possible use.

2, choose tableware for the baby, to health and safety based, as far as possible to avoid the choice of design too bright complex products, the inside had better not color pattern.The tableware that colour is too bright-coloured may contain pigment, paint to wait for unsafe composition, if contain the heavy metal element such as lead, cadmium, still can affect darling health seriously.So, choose colorless or the tableware with light color to darling as far as possible.

3, choose and buy baby tableware, try to choose and buy products of well-known maternal and infant brands through formal channels.Because only by the naked eye, it is difficult to know whether the product material is really qualified, whether it is safe and hygienic.And the well-known brand product that passes formal channel choose and buy, had passed the detection of national health branch certainly, can have safety more.

4. There are many baby tableware with special functions on the market, which can be purchased according to your own needs.For example, there is a kind of spoon that can feel the temperature. If the food is too hot, the spoon will change color to prevent it from burning the baby.There are also grainable bowls where you can mash fruit and feed it directly to your baby.When your baby is old enough to eat by himself, you can help him buy a bowl and plate with suction cups to avoid moving on the table and being knocked over.Just like: POTATO | BANANA BABY FOOD FEEDER

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